Antragsverfahren für die 200€ Einmalzahlung

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Starting March 15, 2023 until September 30, 2023 you can apply for this one-time financial aid at There you’ll also find an FAQ and the phone number to the hotline as well as a mail address that will assist you with any questions you might have.

We won’t go into detail concerning the political controversies around this financial aid.

You are eligible if you’ve been enrolled at Bielefeld University on December 1, 2022 even if you were taking a break semester, as long as you were registered at a residence in Germany. International students who meet these conditions may receive the financial aid!
This does not apply to students who studied abroad (outside of Germany) during this time.

You can also apply for the 200€ if you’ve already received other benefits or aids, i.e. special payment from BAföG or housing assistance, or 300€ compensation for rising energy prices from your work/employer. You don’t have to return the 200€.

According to § 4 Absatz 1 EPPSG the 200€ should not count towards other social security benefits that are income-contingent or towards your health insurance payments. There is no plan to reclaim the 200€ should one or more conditions no longer apply retroactively. This does not include fraudulent applications or double payments. If you’re enrolled at more than one university in Germany you can only apply for the 200€ once!

How to apply:

1. Create a BundID account [] to identify yourself. Contrary to what the homepage might claim you don’t need to have an electronic identification (eID or EU Identity) or an ELSTER (tax program) certificate. A simple account with a username and password is enough. Additionally you’ll need login details from the university (more about this under point 2).
Should you want to use your electronic identification or ELSTER certificate you can find detailed instructions at

The easiest method which also takes data economy into consideration and is therefor our recommended approach is the combination of a simple BundID account with the login details from the university!

2. Login details from Bielefeld University: The login details (consisting of an access code and a pin) can be found online in your university portal. Use the „Login for Students“ and your personal login data.

3. After you log into „“ you’ll have to enter your IBAN as well as the data you’ve provided in your BundID account. Usually the money will be transferred within 2 to 3 days.

Especially during the initial days and weeks you should expect a high number of applications. For this reason it might be sensible to send out your application at a later date.

There are concerns about data protection and some question the legality of a solely digital application process. Should you not need the money immediately, we advise you to wait a few months in case there will be changes in the application process and additional ways to apply will be opened. The BundID homepage has considerable weaknesses, including the login and safety-relevant behaviour. There will be additional safety updates in the near future which will impact the availability of the homepage at times.

Keep in mind that the deadline ends in September. Afterwards you likely won’t be able to apply anymore.

There has already been a big design update, including a new english version of the homepage.

We hope to have provided you with all the necessary information and your application process will be fast and easy. Please bear in mind that we can’t provide any additional support, especially concerning the technical details of the application process. If there is any new information we’ll post about it on our homepage.

Your counselling team

If you’re looking for further information check out these links (not all of them might be available in English):

Studis Online has published a comprehensive and informative article about this topic:

4 Gedanken zu „Antragsverfahren für die 200€ Einmalzahlung

  1. Aaron Antworten

    Ich möchte die 200 Euro Einmalzahlung beantragen. Um mich auf der Seite anzumelden brauche ich die Zugangsdaten der Uni, also Zugangscode und PIN. Diese werden mir auf der campus uni bielefeld Seite nicht angezeigt, bzw können nicht gefunden werden.

    • Beratungsteam Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Hallo Aaron,

      warst du am Stichtag, 01. Dezember 2022, an einer deutschen Hochschule eingeschrieben (Urlaubssemester zählen auch)?
      Wenn dies der Fall ist und du die Zugangsdaten der Uni nicht findest, wende dich bitte einmal an das Studierendensekretariat der Uni.
      Wenn du zum Stichtag noch nicht oder nicht mehr eingeschrieben warst, hast du keinen Anspruch auf die 200€ Energiepreispauschale und hast dementsprechend auch keine Zugangsdaten erhalten.

      Viele Grüße
      Das Beratungsteam

  2. Melina Antworten

    Liebes Beratungsteam,

    Ich war zum Stichtag 01. Dezember. 2022 noch nicht in eine Uni eingeschrieben, jedoch war ich schon Berufstätig und erhielt im Jahr 2022 die Energiepauschale von meinem Arbeitgeber.
    Habe ich dann trotz fehlender Uni Einschreibung ein Anrecht oder nicht ?

    • Beratungsteam Autor des BeitragsAntworten

      Hallo Melina,

      leider kann die Einmalzahlung nur erhalten, wer zum Stichtag 01. Dezember 2022 zum Kreis der in Deutschland eingeschriebenen oder angemeldeten Studierenden, (Berufs-)Fachschülerinnen und Fachschüler gehört hat.

      Die verschiedenen Hilfen waren nicht gegenseitig exklusiv, sondern konnten nebeneinander beantragt werden. Nur die Heizkostenpauschale konnte nur im Wohngeld oder BAföG beantragt werden.
      Der Erhalt der einen Hilfe (z.B. der Energiepreispauschale für ArbeitnehmerInnen) berechtigt dabei aber nicht automatisch zum Erhalt der anderen Hilfen.

      Viele Grüße
      Das Beratungsteam

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